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07-07-2011, 07:09 PM
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I went today for the afternoon practice and greatly enjoyed it. I've never played hockey (haven't even learned how to skate ) and never attended any hockey practice, so it was a first for me. Mostly skating drills, shots added in the middle of practice. Here is what I've noticed today:

First off, Beaulieu. His intensity was quite disappointing during the practice. He did not seem to push himself too hard, because he was slower at executing skating drills than some other guys. My friend thought the same thing. For sure didn't give his 100%, but I hope he's better than what I've seen today. Did not impress me at all.

Bennett was solid on his skates, pretty fast skater and his shot wasn't bad. To me, he seemed focused throughout the whole practice and looks promising. I enjoyed watching him, as he was excited every time he scored a goal or a teammate did (net was almost closed by another net facing it). Went first on most drills.

Didier was quite funny to watch. He is a big right-handed guy, but needs to work on his balance. Seemed like he had the most trouble out of everybody on the one-leg balanced skating. Did not wow me with his shot either.

After what I've read from HK on Pribyl, I thought he would struggle in the drills. What I saw was the opposite. Backwards skating, he did good, but his one-legged skating and balanced was the best out there today. He looked intense and his skating was the most fluid out of everybody there (me and my friend's opinion). He also has a sweet shot (precise) and overall, looked like a steal.

I gotta agree with HK on Archambault, Nygren, Dietz and Westin. Archambault was agile and speedy. Nothing out of this world though. His shot was okay... Can't add really that much more on Nygren. Struggled more than others, but was having fun on the ice with Bennett. Good attitude, but needs much improvement on his skating. Dietz's skating was better than most of the group, and his shot was wicked today. Precision was spot on, as I believe he got the puck in the net more often than any other. Liked what I saw from this Dietz guy. Westin... bahh nothing special.

The other four, haven't really looked at, so cannot give any opinion. That's all folks

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