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07-07-2011, 07:17 PM
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Vikings Era of Hockey, pretty cool.

1) Both games are played on both dry land and ice;
2) Both Games are played with well defined boundaries;
3) Both games are played by two opposing teams;
4) Both games require a referee;
5) Each player is matched against an opposing player of equal skill or strength;
6) Both games require players to carry the ball across the opponent's boundary line or to throw the ball through the goal of the opposition;
7) Both games are noted for their sanctioning of extreme violence;
8) Both games are seen as a test of male strength and warrior masculinity;
9) Opposing players, once paired off, were required to maintain close proximity to each other; and
10) Both games utilize a wooden ball and a shinny-like stick with meshed ball holder.
Thanks for the thread, I'll look into getting the book soon.

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