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Originally Posted by lancer247 View Post
For the record, MacIntyre would probably pull an Ivanens on Scott.

thats a tall pun intended.

have they fought in the minors?
Not that I am aware of... but that doens't mean much. I am only basing it upon the quality of competition and the fact that Scott seldom - if ever - fights guys his own size. And no disrespect is meant to Scott, but the fact is MacIntyre was top two with Boogaard around. Now that Boogaard is no longer with us, well...

Boogaard's passing may have been the beginning of the end for players of his ilk. With no Boogeyman around, teams no longer need a MacIntyre. Perhaps we'll witness a return to old time enforcers... guys that can play the game, hold people accountable, and not only fight by appointment. I would be all for this... I really like MacIntyre, but what is the point of having a player like him if he'll only fight a handful of others in the league - and to be fair, only a handful of others would dare to fight him. The Boogaards, MacIntyres, etc., may be going the way of the dinosaur (a fitting comparison, on a few levels).

Given Sutton's comparable size, and the fact he fights at close to the same level as Scott, he may be a more fitting match-up for Big Jon. I am not claiming Sutton would win, only that I don't think Scott is in MacIntyre's league.

If we are indeed witnessing a return to a more well rounded type of enforcer, one to police the ice, I like Boston's chances with Thornton. Albeit, the Oilers aren't too bad off with Hordichuk - both are old school sorts of players who know their role.

A return to Old Time Hockey? I hope so.

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