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Originally Posted by Rhett4 View Post
I would sign him to 8 years+ if it means keeping hit cap hit between 4-5 million. If they sign him for 3 years and then look to resign him again before he becomes a UFA, he could be commanding 7 million a year.

I'd say 8 years, 36 million is a good starting point. (4.5 cap hit).
Its a tough call...

Does Myers want a 3 year deal that bring him to UFA year? Or is he ok with us "buying" some or all of the UFA years? I think sone are over estimating his RFA years. Those are the years the Sabres have the upper hand, and then it basically flip flops.

If its a 3 year deal... 3 years 12-15 mill max range.

If its more than 3 years then the Sabres are gonna wanna go 6 or 7 PLUS years, even up to 10+ years. It may be smart for the Sabres to grab those UFA years in an overpayment now. Who knows what the cap could be in what, 2015-2016 season, and beyond? Should we assume it will always go up? No garauntees right? Zip mentioned what if UFA age is adjusted? THen we paid for RFA years as if they were UFA years. That would make the Sabres not so smart.

F it. 3 years, 14 mill. Deal with it after the next negotiations?
or 8 years, 45-50 mill?

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