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07-07-2011, 09:34 PM
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I love how much people hate the Canucks. Jealousy towards how good they are and how their core is locked up is understandable: I've hated the Wings for the past decade.

BUT...what I like is the cheap stuff. The low hit by Marchand, the slash by Peverley on Bieksa, the Mcguinn hit on Rome (head-on-glass), Eager taunting Luongo after a goal, even Toews was trash-talking with how he'd "expose" Vancouver for the team they are... Vancouver recieves just as many cheap shots as other teams, yet they are the "dirty team"....well O.K. then

I loved seeing:
- Burrows pull Keith's hair - get a haircut, "Kimo"(UFC 08)
- Burrows bite Bergeron - get you're fingers outta his eyes then!
- Kesler chickenwing Weber - get your stick out of his midsection then....duh!
- Horton caught with his head down - If McGuinn or Chara makes that hit, no suspension
- Marleau think he could take the smaller Bieksa - his nick-name is "Boom Boom", do your homework, Patty. Love how it made Eager get mad and make himself look like an idiot.

Hate all you want, cuz I'm having fun with it. I feel like Megamind, booing along with the crowd while Metro Man was busy walking on water and showing off. "Booooooo........Boooooo"

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