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Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post
Just venting my frustration at the fact that the team hasn't been improved at all this offseason, and Gillis keeps signing scrubs rather than going out and doing something that will make the team at least as good as it was last year. After the Sturm signing I just don't know what Gillis is thinking. And as for Janssen, I couldn't cheer for this guy even if he scored the cup clinching goal for us. I think he is a garbage player. The youtube vid posted above does a great job of illustrating that. We don't need scum like that, we need a hard nosed guy who can actually play hockey and maybe play on the 3rd line if he was needed. I'm not saying those guys are growing on trees, but I really don't think bringing in a guy like this does our team any good. There are certain guys I'll never cheer for, no matter what team they play on.
No offense, but it's really frustrating trying to reason with fans that have this frame of mind.

If you look at the roster of the beginning of LAST season and you look at the roster right NOW, the current roster is a much improved Canucks team. Gillis has never been a free agent hunter and he's made that very clear. Why after one week of free agency fans are freaking out at the Canucks is simply mind-boggling.

Vancouver will most likely make a trade that involves a winger to play with Kesler and other than that you will see very little movement until the trade deadline where Gillis will once again add depth and size for the playoffs.

Don't take for granted what this team is right now. there are many organizations that would like to be int he position the Canucks are in.

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