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Originally Posted by Razzler View Post
You do realize that a lot of it is bought on us by our own fellow fans starting thread after thread of how we great we are and stuff. Thats where a lot of hate came from. Stop whining and lets deal with it.
I never brought it up, I'm just agreeing with the original poster who said that.

As I agree there is a lot of it in every Canuck thread on this main board, just look into EVERY SINGLE CANUCK SIGNING, and you'll see rude obnoxious posts about the team and the signing, or taking low blows to a new low.

If read my last post, I'm trying to steer this thread back to the original topic of Janssen potentially signing with the team, but alas this new topic of hating the Canucks has taken over the thread, derailing it till kingdom come, unless a mod steps in and takes control of the situation.

Until then, more and more posters will still want to talk about the hatred of the Canucks.

In all honesty though, the majority of the real Canuck fans are pretty level headed, and don't go off spewing about how awesome we are, if anything its the newbies coming in from cdc and other immature sites, and trolls stirring up trouble & the very few bad apples ruining it for every Canuck fan.

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