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Originally Posted by Alessandro Seren Rosso View Post
Unfortunately, AFAIK there is nothing systematic going on. The MHL was a good first step, the MHL2 is a good second step, but we need more. And heck, I'd love the KHL spending money on this, more than on Italian teams...
No-pucking-body will SPEND on italian teams. Get over with that hype. They are supposed to infuse some money actually. It's a rich market unlike Slovakia. And that all has nothing to do with youth development. As I see it we have the FHR and the KHL as opposing powers in russian hockey now. Unfortunately the FHR plays the 'bad guys'. Their approaches and staff are old fashioned, opprotunistic, corrupt and let's just say ugly. What we need is a big bashing right through all levels of FHR. We desperately need a cleaner there. The KHL appears to do all the right things. Yes, they have issues, growing pains, bad decisions at times, but, hell, that's not bothering me much as long as they stay focused on developing a strong league along with MHL which appears to be even better organized, perhaps due to lesser political issues/influences. Step by step this will lead right down to youth and kid's hockey development. But you have to realize they started it all at the top, creating the KHL. It is still young and molding into some shape we can only predict. Give it some time. In 5-10 years we should have a system in place. What I fear most is that the FHR will start to interfere when they realize they are not the omnipotent tsars of russian hockey any more. In fact there was a precedent not long ago as FHR declined the offer of KHL to help the NT with KHL resources.

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