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Originally Posted by CanuckLuck View Post
I don't think there's any doubt Vancouver is the most hated team in the league. Doesn't need to be proven statistically or anything.

Simply put they are an easy team to hate with their relative success and all the agitating players on their roster.

Add to this a fanbase that has been left in relative obscurity that now has a very exciting team to look forward to will have a lot of Canuck fans quite boisterous.
your team has become the most hated because they dive at every oppt'y, no at more than every oppt'y and they are not even good at it, its like they do not realize that the game is being filmed, They might fool a ref here and there but the embarrassment of it is ridiculous and when they get pushed around like your Art ROSS winner did they they ***** out even when the guy is a midget, and then they cry and their ( you guys )fans cry about everyone is against one hates the hawks and they have a cup, no one hates the penguins and they have a cup and people are envious of the wings and their cups due to mega talent but the canuks are hated due to their own antics when they are so talented but they choose to embarrass themselves and the game and their oh so evident lack of balls when push comes to shove. All the way thru this thread i kept saying I wasn't going to get into this but again the lack of your fan base being honest with itself brought out more BS

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