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Bauer One100 Sticks

Not sure how many people are aware of this, but I thought I would share some information I recently came across in regards to this stick. If you break your One100 in the shaft, don't throw it away. You can actually pull the blades right out of these, and it is relatively easy to do. Takes roughly 15 minutes. They fit perfectly in any standard shafts as well.

Both of the One100s I had, broke right above the blade/shaft fuse point. If you look down into the broken shaft towards the blade, you will actually see where the blade was inserted into the shaft. Cut down to that point, making sure not to cut the actual blade hosel. Having a reference two-piece blade helps for measurement. Then you want to cut down the middle of the shaft so it splits. I actually used a dremel and a small cutting wheel to make this cut, being careful not to cut too deep, and hit the blade hosel. You only want to cut through the outer layer of composite that the blade is inserted into. Cut through this outer layer roughly 3 inches down from the shaft end of the blade, towards the blade. Heat up the blade/shaft in that area, and insert a flathead screwdriver. It separates pretty easily at this point. Once you have it split, you can cut the shaft off of the blade at the point you want the blade hosel to stop.(approx. 3 inches of hosel) On the P92 - 87 Flex, this is right at the P on the backhand side, or the X on the forehand side. Voila! You have a high quality blade to insert into a shaft of your choice.

I have done this twice, and both blades perform fantastically. Sure beats buying a $60 TotalOne blade.

One of these blades is in a TotalOne that the blade broke on. Flipped it over and put it in, and I can't tell the difference. The other is in a One95, same situation. Both sticks feel and shoot great.

Just something to consider if you're cheap like me, and can't seem to stop breaking sticks.

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