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09-15-2005, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514
Hall didn't throw a punch.

Do you know how much $10K is to these guys?
Ok, I'm just going by what was said by Michaels during the broadcast and the ESPN article announcing the injury to McNabb. And yes, I know how much $10k is to these guys...Trotter made $535,000 in 2004 (last year I could find in a quick google search), thus making the fine 1.8% of his yearly salary. I realize that's quite a bit for one fine. The equivalent fine for someone making $50k-60k a year would be to $900 to $1080, which is not a small amount of money, although a survivable hit at any level. And yes, perhaps my reaction was a bit carried away...but it seemed awfully odd that at least two commentators have mentioned Hall throwing a punch or attacking Trotter (I've seen references to him grabbing Trotter's face mask, although I'll also admit that was from a Philly paper, and possibly simply a biased source), but that he received no punishment. That is a bit frustrating to hear as an Eagles fan, since losing Hall would have had as big an impact on the Falcons D as losing Trotter did on the Eagles' D. I also freely admit that Trotter has to be smarter then he was. I certainly don't condone what he did, but I do think that it wasn't quite as bad

As for MassiveHabs, do you deny that the hit Lavalaise put on McNabb was technically an illegal hit? To quote ESPN:
ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that because Lavalais launched himself and struck McNabb with the crown of his helment, the hit should have drawn a penalty.
Perhaps we all simply watched a different game. Mortensen, Len Pasquarelli, the Philly beat writers, and I all saw the Falcons player make an illegal hit on McNabb which resulted in an INT, and you saw a Falcons player make a clean hit that only "hurt (a little bit)". Or perhaps the homer tag goes both ways, here?

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