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10-20-2003, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Garnet
A couple Questions. How do you think Comrie will do in Montreal playing in the East and behind Koivu?? I didn't watch Comrie to much last year but please explain the -18 plus/ minus. While Cross was +16, Reasoner +19 and Staios +13. The guy doesn't like to play defense. So how would he do in Montreals new defense first system?? The guy is sitting out because he wants more money and the Edmonton fans are blowing smoke up your a**. If he wants to be traded so bad why wouldn't he sign first?? Its a lot easier to trade signed players!! The guy is asking for more than 3M a season becasue that is what he got last year with bonuses. Hes a small player and once he leaves the fast ice in Edmonton to where I believe NYR's he will die there like the rest of them.

Comrie is worth a fair value in my opinion but definitly not worth a top 25 prospect. 30 goals once. His value is a little less than Olli Jokinen is my opinion.
If he did end up in MTL, I'd be surprised to see him play behind Koivu. Not a slam on Koivu, but they are both EXTREMELY talented with the puck. If Koivu wasn't moved to the wing, MTL would be wise to go with 1a and 1b lines.

Comrie has shown he can carry a line even with Smyth out and Carter sulking. His first full season he basicly kept the oil afloat offensively by himself... Smyth missed about 20 games at the same time as Carter went into a HUGE slump. Comrie kept on ticking, scoring clutch goal after goal.

Also, as noted above, Comrie was the team leader in +/- that year.

This past year, Comrie was slumping a bit... that is true. However, prior to breaking a bone in his hand, he was -3, and on pace for 70 points. In the 20-odd games he played after the injury, he was not the same guy... simultaneously battling an injury and getting frustrated (I watched nearly every game, and you could see it on his face).

Common issues for young players, but make no mistake, whoever gets this kid is going to be pleasantly surprised.

As for EDM fans blowing smoke, I don't know what to say... could it possibly be that we have been watching this situation and reading about it EVERY DAY, so perhaps we're a bit more familiar with it? Could it also be that we watched it develop even last season, and saw that Comrie was not handling the pressure of being the team's golden-boy turned whipping boy?

Comrie originally wanted a decent wage, but it was more of a "in order to be happy with this level of superstar scrutiny, I need something close to superstar money." When it became apparent in negotiations that Lowe was being a ******* (his job), Comrie said fine... you don't appreciate what I'm bringing to the table, so fine, if I'm playing for less money, move me somewhere where I can have some peace and quiet.

Essentially it boils down to him taking the stand that if he is going to be the "go-to guy", for a team who's GM publicly blames him for playoff losses, we wants to be paid like a "go-to guy". He's also happy to be paid (less) like a young offensive player, but in a situation where he can be treated like it.

Of course, I'm probably just blowing smoke, b/c secretly even though Comrie has been the most exciting young player to join the team since Smyth over a decade ago, I want him gone. (much sarcasm)

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