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07-08-2011, 12:19 PM
thomas magnum
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I'm looking into getting tickets for this season and I was sent the ex-Thrashers fan ticket package thing. I'm probably going to be making suggestions to my friends who I'll be bringing up from Atlanta. I'm looking at the seating chart and was wondering what you guys think is the best "bang for you buck" seat? I had opinions on this in Phillips Arena because I had sat in almost every different section over the course of 10 or so years. For instance, I thought the best deals were on the attack once side top of the lower bowl and sitting at the bottom of the upper balcony were best. I really thought the biggest ripoff was sitting in the 200 section which was between the two because there was an odd over hang that left you feeling out of the game and you seemed just as close at the bottom of the balcony seats.

What is your favorite place to sit and what do you think you get the best value?

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