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07-08-2011, 01:00 PM
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Name: Dave

Age: 36

Location: New London, CT, but originally from Amish country Lancaster, PA

Favorite Team(s): Flyers, other than hockey pretty much the only thing i watch is MMA and other combat sports. Hockey is definitely the 1st love though. MMA is my girl on the side.

Most Hated Team(s): I try not to hate so we'll say i have "grudging respect" for the Pens (obviously) and the Bruins (i live Bruin country unfortunately. I hear about them all the time...)

Favorite Player(s): Primeaux, Gagne, Lappy, pretty much anyone who shows up with some heart and courage.

Most Hated Player(s): Matt Cooke. Hands down.

Flyers fan since: Probably '74. My old man said i would watch the games with him when i was a mere larvae. I have no memory before 1977, but according to him i was a fan since birth.

I lurked here forever because i thought the discussions were lively and some of the news and rumors would hit here first. Finally i registered and here we are a couple months later i'm finally gonna start interacting i guess. Looking forward to the next season with cautious optimism and delusions of granduer. See ya around.

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