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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
You are making a big assumption there. Bob put up very good numbers this past year, and he's going to see far more limited playing time in the future. I very much doubt Bryz is going to be spending his time worrying about cultivating his competition (he's not some 38 y/o guy at the end of his career).
wait just to clarify on my assumption? is it
1. that he will perform well with limited ice time?
2. that him / bryz will get along?

b/c you kind of have to expect that he will perform similar to last year (could be better or worse, but thats our only barometer)

and as for getting along with bryz...
BOB is a really nice friendly kid, believe it or not ive met him and he gets along well with everyone on the team. He even got along with Zherdev (a total d!ck) b/c Z spoke russian. This poor kid literally couldnt speak to anyone on the team, and will (and already has) jump on the opportunity to befriend a fellow russian.

(whom he can actually talk to)

btw Bryz has a phenomenal work ethic, thats a REALLY good influence for a goalie as young as BOB who has never had a formal coach.

just my two cents, but take it for what its worth (two cents)

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