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07-08-2011, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Crescent Street View Post
Yes - it's important to me! I have Directv and I'm in NY so I've been having to deal with this crap all along. This is where you and I differ though. YOU are in Philly territory and receive CSN Philly on your local affiliate on your Comcast cable. Problem solved, loophole has no real impact on you because you get it on COMCAST. JUST BECAUSE you happen to subscribe to a second service outside of Comcast that doesn't carry the channel has absolutely nothing to do with Comcast screwing you! They provide it to you on YOUR LOCAL AFFILIATE ON YOUR LOCAL CABLE!!

Being a subscriber of both does not mean Comcast is screwing you!!

Why do YOU refuse to acknowledge this?

If anything Comcast has been screwing DIRECTV customers. NOT Comcast customers!!!

See the bolded statement? Yes it's important to many Flyer fans outside of the Philly region - but guess what? They don't have the luxury that YOU have by receiving it on your local cable affiliate, Comcast. Comcast is NOT screwing you and others who subscribe to 2 separate services. They are screwing Directv customers who don't have the luxury of living in the Philly area.
What the other dude is trying to say is that he would only have DTV if they had CSN Philly because Comcast is outrageously priced, so we are forced to have Comcast if we want to watch the flyers.

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