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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
I wouldn't say now is do or die to move Bob. Lots can happen to other teams and their goaltending situation that will factor in Bob still being viewed as a good commodity to pay fair market value or maybe overpay if a team really needs a goalie .

I don't foresee a Halak situation necessarily where by the 2nd half he became the go to guy and then traded him the following offseason for a decent return. Only if Bryzgalov gets injured could you have that scenario. I would say hold on to Bob as long as possible..leave yourself some additional cap space for flexibility to see how Pronger holds up and for other contingency reasons and then when the trade deadline approaches in the second half start shopping again. Flyers can work within the cap in the meantime and keep Bob around unless somebody gives up what they are looking for. A half season of platoon duty isn't going to kill him and even a full season if necessary. Even Meltzer has suggested as much saying 20 games will still be enough to hone his skills etc. Yeah long term if Bryzgalov really takes the bull by the horns with the starting position will holding on to Bob stunt him...
exactly, Meltzer is right like 99% of the time TBH.

trade deadline makes a lot more sense than now, and even still he's VERY young...he will get more accomplished mentoring Bryz (hell even just talking to him) than playing an extra 30 games (which obviously wore him out)

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