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07-08-2011, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by drugold View Post
I havent been able to go to sleep. Im starting to go crazy enough to consider breaking into the chemist (drug store). I just want the itching to stop or have some kind of temporary labotomy to pain. They are going to reissue crowded house crowded house with a remaster. Finn thinks it could sound better. I dont know if he said better but he said he is looking forward to the reissue
I was happy when the endz broke up and then became CH. It seemed to me that TimF wanted to go in a few different directions and that NF had a more melodic sound in mind. Either way they ended up writing some amazing music. Re Mastering rarely works out imo but I will buy it anyways out of need.

There last live show in Sydney CD was a good effort and I have a ton of bootleg recordings of them in Ned Zed at a coffee house or a bar or something where they sound amazing even though the rec quality is poor to fair.

As to the pox I would be bothering my doctor for some sort of pain medication. Itching is a part of a pain reaction is what my doctor had told me once and he said that when topical ointments fail after antihistemenes it goes on to pain meds. Better to deal with the itch then with a ton of secondary infections from scratching.

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