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07-08-2011, 01:58 PM
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Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
History shows, in the case of the Blackhawks and Devils, that typically it's going to land in the NHLPA's favor. Wetcoaster, who I know and have a lot of respect for, going back to legalese intepretation during the lockout and his experience with sports contract management, felt that unless the arbiter went off the path completely, that this was likely going to be a win for the NHLPA.

Do we know for sure? No...but I'm very glad we don't have to find out, because it seems the odds were against us.

Sorry, but if i accept your line of reasoning then kostitsyn and his agent are either idiots or altruists.

I find that highly unlikely. If meehan thought the nhlpa was going to prevail, he should have held out. Worst case scenario is sk still goes to arbitration and probably gets at least the 2.5 he signed for.

I think that meehan believed the nhlpa case was a crapshoot, and if they lost it that in salary arbitration an arbiter would either find for the preds or paradoxically award sk an amount that the preds would be forced to walk away from, leaving him in unceratin territory looking for a team in mid august after everyone has their rosters set(kinda like happened to neimi last year).

So instead they took a sure thing and it worked for everyone.

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