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07-08-2011, 02:37 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
i mean look at that sbisa picK! we can pick dmen like its our business
lets not overpay if we dont have to.
I would say the Flyers are not exactly great at picking or developing D men. The latter part is especially true..we've been horrid. Obviously we haven't done much with goalies either....that's why we don't want to give Bob away for nothing. I do agree with Reese that Bob is somewhat equivalent to a first line center prospect. Thus you need to get a fair return. I think waiting it out will net you at least that or maybe more if a team is desperate. I think Bob will put up good numbers in spot duty since he won't be overplayed and you can then build a better case with last season's success that he's worth the Flyers price and it's not just an anomaly.

Anyway....although I would like OEL I doubt we'll get him. Flyers might just do better doing what they need to do with the D next year via FA and possibly the draft. This year focus on the least making it bigger etc. Keep our D and hope the goalie makes a big difference. Going after Stamkos to me would be overshooting at this point....we've already made some big waves. It's kind of enough...time to settle down and see how some of it plays out. Leave room at the trade deadline and then go from there if some of it is not working out. I suspect the team will be a better second half team anyway but all depends on how quick they gel. Lots of turnover and Lavy's system takes time. Luckily lots of these players will be more ammenable to playing the system and proving themselves so that may help...

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