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07-08-2011, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
LOL so I just went over the that vestiaire site, and there's this dude on there who actually seems to be well connected...Calling signings and trades hours before they happen. Not one of the "insiders" from that site, just a regular poster. He basically goes and calls out the "insiders" for spreading BS and says from what he's heard there is nothing in the works at all and just expect Gorges and White to be signed, and that's the team.

So everyone is jumping on this guy, defending the crap out of the "insiders" from that site who never seem to actually get anything right (doesn't surprise me, given my history with them).

I find it funny that the ONE GUY on that entire site who actually appears credible gets pounced on by everyone because he isn't on his knees giving BJs to these phoney insiders.
Very subjective opinion here. Either you're that guy, or there is a missing. I understand the point of craping over these rumour sites (people like to look smart and wise by doing so), but you're trash talking the followers, which is king of a cheap shot. Keep the "*****ing behind the back" thing for the bruins fansbase please

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