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07-08-2011, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by tserberis View Post
1) I believe he will be arbitration eligible next year also. So it not going to be just QO if his season is on same level as last.
Most likely he will be dew for long term around 4M/Y.

2) I would think Poile lost on this one as he would like to get 2-3 year contract around 2M/Y.
It looks more likely that SK was pushing for 1 year deal. That gives him more room for maneuver next year.

I also can see it as it is not SK who agreed for term. It is Poile. Poile could see that arbitrator is going to rule in players favor. That is why he was holding out till last minute trying to work it out.

SK said before that he would like to stay, he is confident about his position in Nashville, about the team, and he feels comfortable here. If he would be greedy - KHL long time ago. If he would like to leave, he would hold out till the last option.
I dont think poile lost at all. Poile might have liked several years at 2.5 but i also think he wont mind a prove it season wherein sk either proves hes worth big bucks or doesnt. The deal signed today gives poile some leverage since he will still be an rfa.

I think SK and his agent saw a possble arbitration ruling in their favor as still a possible problem if poile chose to walk away.

This deal is pretty good for everyone.

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