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MLD 2011 Roster Thread (in order, by division)

Roster thread posts to be in order by division, that is, all the teams in one division will put their first post on the thread before any team in the next division will post there.

(This coordination will make it easier to see all the teams developing in one's division together, and it certainly will make it easier to do regular season ranking evaluations for GMs.)

Note: The teams are assigned to divisions by draft order: odd numbered in one division, even numbered in the other division:

Mickey Ion Division

Iain Fyffe - Brandon Shamrocks
tony d - Garnish Dragons
markrander87 & Stoneberg - Halifax Sleepwatchers
Reds4Life & jkrx - Detroit Red Wings
Dwight & Velociraptor - New New York Awesome Express
chaosrevolver - Belleville Bulls
seventieslord - Regina Capitals

Sir Allan Montagu Division

vecens24 & TheDevilMadeMe - Eden Hall Warriors
Selfish Man - Pittsburgh Hornets
DaveG - Warroad Lakers
Dreakmur - Winnipeg Falcons
BiLLY_ShOE1721 - Philadelphia Quakers
Reen Machine - Montreal Bad Habits
TheJudge - Thunder Bay Twins

All of the teams in the Mickey Ion division can post their roster post now. None of the Sir Allan Montagu Division teams yet.

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