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Garnish Dragons

Buzz Boll-Ted Hampson (A)-Pierre Larouche
Tony Mckegney (A)-Nikolai Khlystov -Bill Flett
Shawn Burr-Terry Crisp -Wildor Larochelle
John Marks-Michael Nylander -Jason Pominville
Greg Gus Adams-Veli Pekka Ketola

Garry Galley- Brad Marsh (C)
Leo Reise Sr.-Arnie Brown
Scott Hannan-Genrikh Sidorenkov
Zarley Zalapski

Dan Bouchard
Nikolay Puchov
Martin Biron

Coach: Bryan Murray

Special Teams Units

PP 1: Tony Mckegney-Nikolai Khlyskov-Pierre Larouche-Garry Galley-Ted Hampson
PP 2: Buzz Boll-Michael Nylander-Wildor Larochelle-Leo Reise Sr.-Genrikh Sidorenkov

PK 1: John Marks-Jason Pominville-Brad Marsh-Leo Reise Sr.
PK 2: Bill Flett-Terry Crisp-Arnie Brown-Scott Hannan

Era Requirments:

1916 or earlier: Leo Reise
1917-1942: Buzz Boll, Wildor Larochelle
1943-1965: Ted Hampson, Nikolai Klyskov, Arnie Brown, Nikolay Puchov, Genrikh Sidorenkov
1966-1979: Pierre Larouche, Dan Bouchard, Brad Marsh, Tony Mckegney, Bill Flett, Terry Crisp, Veli Pekka Ketola
1980-1994: Garry Galley, Shawn Burr, Michael Nylander, Greg Gus Adams, Zarley Zalapski
1995-2004: Scott Hannan, Martin Biron
in 2011 (ANY active/nonretired pro player with 300-plus games pro experience regardless of when he began his career): Jason Pominville


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