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07-08-2011, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Randart View Post
OMG... Don't tell me this??? Petey (whoa Lay...) Harold is gone!

How can our coach and GM function without the most versatile player in Kings History? Say it isn't so Ziggs! I mean Petey was a highlight reel waiting to happen!
That guy would have put on the goalie pads if the heads of Kings State would have asked it... Wellp good luck to Petey I know he will rise from the ashes to shine again in more hightlight reels at whatever level and for which ever fortunate team can bag him!

Good luck Pete Harold, and with a (Swoosh of his Zorro like Cape) He skates off into the California Sunset.... Adios Amigo!

Oh Yeah, now back to the thread topic... Glad about AM he was very very good last year most of the time I really enjoyed his high effort and energy with some skills. Nice signing and it was nice to see him rise to the top of the dee men prospects.
His best highlight of course being when Bobby Ryan spin-o-rama'd by him for a hat trick. Classic Peter Harrold!

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