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Originally Posted by Juicy Rebound View Post
I think you're right, Artemis. It would be legally difficult to prevent young players from jumping into the NHL at whatever age they were ready as legal adults. Obviously, I'm no Lawologist or Legalitician, so you'll have to pardon my completely subjective and by no means legalistically accurate statement.

On a complete aside, whenever I read Arremis' posts, in my mind I hear it read by Artemis from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".... does anyone else have this problem ?
Might this be easier under Canadian law than US law?

It's an agreement between the NHL and CHL that underagers can play in the NHL, but not in the minors, thereby not depriving juniors of their top players. It's not law, and a CHL team could easily release a player to play in the minors.

Junior and the AHL have two different aims. Junior is a development league for 16-20 year-olds, some of whom will go on to play in the NHL, quite a few of whom won't. It's to develop individual talent, essentially, and get them ready for something else. The AHL is essentially development/insurance. You tend to see a lot of goalies and defensemen matriculate in the AHL for a couple of years before heading to the big time. Not as common for forwards to do as much time in the minors. When I used to watch a lot of IHL games (before it merged into the AHL), the forwards usually moved on to become third and fourth-liners, and you still had top D-men and goalies come through. A lot of top forwards end up going straight from junior/NCAA to the NHL.

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