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Originally Posted by Lemon Lover View Post
This is a good theory but you are off on this one. I can assure he was not booed, heckled, etc. in any way in the ATL. He got an extremely easy ride. Now in Winnipeg, he will most certainly get booed and destroyed in the press IF he plays like he has the last 3 years.

Sadly, very sadly, every word of this ^ is true (not limited to the boldface). . . . . but, yes, he is young, will have new coaches, scenery, etc., so even I think that with all his talent he still has a chance to become great.
Yea Lemon Lover as i mentioned i was not sure what type of treatment he got. nice to know he was not booed and i can assure you he will not be afforded the same luxury here over the long haul. in my experience Winnipeg is a fair fan base but have their limits

that being said we get a chance to pick him up after the ugly years (we all hope). if he can start growing even modestly this year this might just work out.

at a bare minimum he will come to Winnipeg with significantly discounted expectations from draft day. every fan in the building will know he is a work in progress.

cynic alert: I am sure he will drive me nuts and i will come back and join in the chorus with our Atlanta chapter... i usually don't have a long fuse for bone headed plays on D

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