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07-09-2011, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by MJG View Post
Can't wait for the JBT. Osheaga recently released the schedule. A few conflicts but only one major problem with acts overlapping for me. Happens every year just gonna have to make a few tough decisions. My only complaint is once again is the set times alloted to each act. Your bringing in close to 80 bands (?) from all over the world, let them play. I'd much rather they set up an extra stage or two and expand the set lengths. An hour for bands like Death Cab, the Tragically Hip and Bright Eyes, who have been around since the 90's and have at least 7 albums each seems too short. At the same time, 40 minutes is not nearly enough time for bands playing earlier in the day. Dissapointed that Manchester Orchestra an Frightened Rabbit will only be playing a 40 minute set. And Hey Rosetta! at 40 minutes will be like 6 songs. They go through all the trouble to put this thing together I just wish they'd give everyone a little more time. Even if it meant potentially missing out on a few bands I'd like to see
theyre gonna do this crap at this year heavy mtl....
they added a 3rd stage, more bands and they ****ed it all up with overlaps and 40 minutes sets. i dont get it. it was perfect the way it was with only 2 stages, one next to the other.

the u2 stage looks impressive from all the pictures ive seen. too bad i really dislike bono and their music.

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