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09-15-2005, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Panasonic Youth
Clarke doesn't miss a beat does he?
No, he certainly does not.


I wouldn't make too many predictions about the future based on this one move. I believe the only thing we can be sure of is that Clarke will do something to make his team better when the time comes, whether that be trade for a nothing more than cap space (a version of the Roenick trade at a cheaper scale) or simply an acquisition of an affordable player at the deadline. Now that I'm aware they signed somebody today, I'm really not shocked at all. Come on, folks, how surprising can it be? It's not like it's the first day Bob has been the GM of our favorite team and we don't know what to expect.


Originally Posted by Lion
I figure Kapanen should "miss" 2-3 paychecks for a total of about 300 - 450k not counted against the cap, that will probably pay for almost all of Savage's cap hit.
We should see if we can iron out how the cap works. I'm freely admitting I'm not certain myself. It seems, Bonde, that you're working with the presumption that the average salary of the club for the year must remain under the cap. I've interpreted it to read that at no time can they exceed the cap, although sometimes I have trouble tying my shoes, so take that with a grain of salt. Essentially, if Savage signed for a theoretical figure such as $2M that would push them over the cap, they would have to get under the cap before they could - or rather, HAD TO - activate Kapanen. Everyone can feel free to interject or help clean up my mess in this paragraph.

Oh, let's consider the $2M figure I submitted for Savage on an "for entertainment purposes only" basis. I have no idea for what amount he signed, although I'm guessing and hoping it's far less than that. I'll bet it's in the $750K area. If so, it appears they'd still be able to acquire most free agents out there at the deadline.

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