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Originally Posted by Herman Hessian View Post

I'd love to see the Whalers back, but as a local resident, it's just not going to happen. Everyone's allegiances are either with the Rangers or if they didn't care about hockey until recently, they hopped on the Bruins bandwagon at varying points in the spring (man, next season is gonna be a reality check for them when the B's get bounced in round 1 by the Sabres ). Okay, there are some Bruins fans, too. I won't even get into the umm..."charlie foxtrot" that the state's economy is in right now or talk about the state's political situation.

Anyway, back to the poll. I think these cities should get teams in order of priority: Quebec, Hamilton, Seattle -or- Portland OR, Kansas City.

The way I see it: Phoenix and Florida Panthers could very well move. These teams should go to the two cities that are more or less NHL ready with an arena, etc. Doesn't have to be a gigantic barn. Heck, the new Jets are playing in a 15k person arena, right?

The two expansion teams should go to the other two cities that have to build a new arena from scratch. Arena construction could done by 2015'ish (hey look, just in time for the Islanders to move if they don't get their new arena approved next month! ) and there you go. All four cities with shiny new teams.

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