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Originally Posted by NHRangerfan View Post
Not taking a stand on Avery either way, but wondering why other teams around the league can afford to keep a guy that plays a little over the edge and the NYR can't?

Vancouver has Burrows, Philly has/had Carcillo/Hartnell, Bruins have Marchand, etc, etc...
Those players were all put in positions to succeed for the most part.

Regardless of what people like mullichicken and many others say about Avery getting a fair shake, it's clear to anyone with eyes that doesn't with Torts.

Players that you mentioned on these other teams are accepted by the coach and it's understood what they do.

My biggest issue that I've stated many times with Torts is that he rarely sticks up for Avery. I've somewhat wavered on that stance because it's not fair of me to say that for sure, not knowing what is said to officials on the ice and done after games through phone calls to the league and what not. I'm obviously basing that off his comments to the media, which might not tell the whole story. We all understand the baggage that comes with Avery, but the blatant bias he's treated with by the on ice officials is a complete embarrassment. I'm not really concerned about all of the "give me a break," type comments that are subjectively spewed by so many on here. It's been clear as day for a long time now.

Where my stance has changed is that instead of necessarily blaming Torts for not defending Avery (because there's no way to be sure of that), what it comes down to is Torts has to accept the fact that there is a bias against Sean, and because of that Sean can easily become a detriment to the team.

Avery, like any player, takes penalties. Avery, because of his style of play, and poor defensive game, is prone to even more than the average player. Yet Avery, more than any player I've ever seen, is called for more phantom calls then I have ever seen in my life.

As useful a player as I think Avery can be, as much as I defend him here because I think that the opposing arguments against him are usually so utterly ridiculous, you can't change the reality of the situation.

Even if Avery thrived on a line with Richards and Gaborik, chances are he's going to be getting called for absolutely EVERYTHING. If that line is going well, chances are a big part of it would be Avery getting in deep on the forecheck real quick and taking the body. Can you imagine how many times he would get called for interference or boarding? It would be unreal.

I think Avery was utilized so poorly last year that it was embarrassing. But I also think that the biggest reason for that is because Torts knows he's playing with one member on his team that immediately puts him at a disadvantage. That's why he got such garbage minutes for most of last year.

The league has shown they will do nothing to address any of this, and why would they? They can't even fix the horrible officiating in general. We know they're not going to go out of their way to help a player they despise get a fair shake.

It's unfortunate but it's reality. It's been this way for quite some time now.

Avery will play great, and then while doing what he has been doing to stay at that level, he'll get called for something. In response, Torts immediately limits his minutes.

It is what it is at this point. I would like to see Sean get consistent third line minutes this year though. I think if he gets his 10-12 minutes every night he can still be a 10 goal 25-30 point guy.

We'll see if he gets that chance though.

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