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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
All ridiculous arguments no offense.

First you say he brings as much as Spacek who brings none. I actually agree with you if that's your point. I never claimed he was worse than Spacek, but being equal to Spacek is not an accomplishment considering Spacek is 50 and playing on his wrong side.

Second, you say he put up pts as a 19 yo in the WHL. Nearly 99% of all NHL players, even some goons were able to put up pts in junior. It means very little.

23 pts doesn't mean much either. Any dman can get that in a career year.

I watched the games, and Gill/Spacek/Gorges bring about the same type of offense, which is none. Gorges doesn't have a good shot, he doesn't skate like the wind (maybe because of his knee) and he doesn't have an amazing first pass either. All of this leads to him being a defensive dman.

Now, it's entirely possible that he comes back as a transformed player as a result of his knee finally getting fixed. So all of the things I have said about Gorges have to be seen from an angle of Gorges playing on one knee. I'm actually kind of impressed about what he has been capable of doing considering what he was going through so my opinion is subject to change. BUT, as of right now, with what he has done with the habs... he's not worth 3M/per unless it's really true that his training habits were affected and that he'll come back a transformed player capable of bringing offense to the table as well as solid defensive play. Then yeah 3M/per I'd be fine with. But we don't know yet whether that will be the case or not.
No offense taken, the reason why I mentionned Spacek was when Bob Gainey, acquired his services it was for his offensive game. My point being that we had a defenseman in our organization that could bring the same type of offensive production while being solid defensively and much cheaper (and much more mobile).

As for 23 pts possibly being a career year for Gorges, it's interesting to note that in 2008-2009 he only played an average of 1:10 on the PP that season. Let's say we give the minutes that Hamrlik had on the second wave (an average of 2:33 minutes a game on the PP, which is more than double the time Gorges got in his most productive season in the NHL). I wouldn't be surprised to see Gorges crack the 30 pts plateau.

What's also interesting is that in 2008-2009, Gorges two most common partner at Even Strenght on defense were Andrei Markov and Roman Hamrlik, two defensemen that are good offensively. I can only assume that if we pair Gorges with Markov/Subban or even Weber, he could demonstrate his offensive game.

I agree for the part where we both don't know how bad Gorges' injury has affected him in the past years, we can only speculate like we're doing here right now if it will make his offensive game better.

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