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07-09-2011, 11:32 AM
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1) Price
2) Subban
3) Geoff Molson
4) David Mulder
5) Trevor Timmins
6) Thomas Plekanec
7) Brian Gionta
8) Michael Cammalleri
9) Markov
10) Gill

Some explaination... Price & Subban are what make this team so valuable for Geoff Molson. I put David Mulder 4th because we are very lucky to have him with the Canadiens, he's one of the best around the league (just remember that he saved the life of Trent McCleary, he's the one who was taking care of Koivu.. etc..).

Timmins, even will all the criticizm, is doing a great job IMO. He made some mistake for sure but also made great pick. Sometimes its the management that made him looks bad with bad evaluation of a player and trading him for almost nothing..

Plekanec is one of the top two way center in the league.. no way he's not in top 10.

Gionta is an awesome leader and very good player in the two way. He's american but seems honestly really proud to be the captain of this prestigious organization.

Cammalleri is a valuable asset, even if I found that he had a very bad season last year, because he can level up his play when it matters the most. Just remember the game of the 100th anniversary.. the playoffs and other important games.

Markov, when healthy, is in top 15 defenceman of the league.

Finally.. Gill. This guy is important because of the leadership and calm he brings. Especially come to the playoffs. He's a great mentor for the young players and I really hope the day he'll retire habs will offer him a job as a assistant of defenceman and make him responsible of the P.K. unit.

I didn't put Gauthier because I believe we would be better with someone else.. yes we could also be worst.. but he haven't impress me. His trades aren't really good overall, especially when you look at what teams received in exchange of some similar players. And he's not especially awesome in salary negociation..

I also did not put Martin, as I don't really appreciate. I don't like the way he manage some players (like Andrei Kostitsyn always in the doghouse while Gomez & Cammalleri were playing like ***** and still had a lot of ice time... Sergei K.. Latendresse.. Pouliot.. Lapierre.. etc..) And I'm not a huge fan of all these players, in fact I'm glad Lapierre's gone.. but still think he was not use properly. I don't like his style. I don't especially like that we always play a defensive game (and mostly a trap) when we are leading the game by 2 goals or less.. We should keep attacking and not dumping the puck.

Lot will probably not agree but that's my opinion.

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