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09-15-2005, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Hounsy
Pads:Litespeed LSP2's 32 with a decent stock thigh rise
Glove: Smith (Same as Velocity one I believe, no cheater bar)
Blocker: Smith
C/A: Vaughn Velocity
Stick: Itech 8.8 Dafoe(bought 4 for $164 cdn total after shipping on ebay)
Mask: Simmons Matrix pro
Pants: Itech 4.8

After switching pads and gloves a few times I'm now very happy with the gear I have and how it fits to my game. May buy a flat faced pant(Matrix or 11.8) to start the season and see what I think, though I like the feel of the pants I have they are falling apart on me.
hah, I thought i was the only person with Litespeed pads. How you like yours, personally, these are the best pads I've used and I've been through my fair share.(Itech, Koho, Missions(used for inline), and now the Litespeed's, and these things are amazing.

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