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Originally Posted by nils2317 View Post
I remember when once a Devils fan dumped ice cubes on me. He left with a broken nose... Also, at the end if last season, did anyone see the fight outside msg after we beat the devils in the last game. The devils fan got beat ip, and arrested!
Not talking about your incident.. it really is a shame when sporting events lead to physical altercations.

I remember once I was at a Yankees game and two dumba$$es were infront of me. They would stand for long periods for NO REASON. Just being D1cks. So I asked if they could sit down. Finally they go to leave and one guy turns to me and drunkenly swung his fist at me. I just moved my head and pushed him. Unfortunately he was facing me and not the game so he fell over the back of the seat behind him and onto two other people trying to enjoy the game. He went on to fight those two people who had nothing to do with it. I kinda felt bad but hey, the guy just swung at me.

Anyways, the security guards came and wanted to escort me out. I identified myself and explained the situation and the guy that swung at me got carted off and the two people he wound up fighting were carted off as well. I really did feel bad but I had no other way to resolve that.

So I really hate to see fans fighting whether they are fans of different teams, or if alcohol had affected their ability to just sit and enjoy the outing.


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