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Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
2) Noone is suggesting these players take over a top six spot. But if AV had actually played his 4th line we might have been able to give our younger players a look.

I have shown before that only Raymond and Hansen were actually given a chance to play by AV. The rest received their first fruitful years at the NHL level under Crawford.

This is the risk that AV will not take and has led to many questioning his ability to develop young offensive talent. It's easy to play guys like Burrows and Kesler who are workers and have already shown they can play at least one season in the NHL.

AV seems unwilling to find out exactly how good our young offensive talent is. If he is such a good teaching coach as many claim, why can't he bring these youngsters along? Were Desbiens, Bolduc and their ilk any more battle-tested at the NHL level?
I am not stating that Desbiens and Bolduc were any more battle tested at the NHL level, but they were brought in to play roles. There was never any delusion that Bolduc or Desbiens would translate into anything better than marginal grinders at best. There is only so much ice-time to go around, however, and that was split between the top 9. Again, with so many complaints already about the Twins getting less than 20 minutes a game, who do you take ice-time from (on last year's team) to give more to the fourth line? And again, which gritty player do you sacrifice from a lineup that many were chastising for its lack of grit after the playoffs to give ice-time to these guys?

There is no un-willingness to find out how good our offensive talent is. It's a multi-step process--prove it at the AHL, prove it consistently in the NHL, get the role. Michael Grabner is a prime example of a guy who paid his dues, got his shot on the big club, and stuck for the rest of the season. (unfortunately he was dealt in the off-season, but nevertheless).

Shirokov, in none of his NHL action, looked anywhere close to as strong as Grabner did. Consequently, he was sent back to the AHL. he simply was not a good enough player to make the Canucks.

Again, the only player who saw any action with the big club this year (from the forward group) who showed any kind of potential was Hodgson, and he received some fourth line time in the playoffs to the tune of 12 games. Brad Marchand only played 20 games in his first pro season, and Hodgson played that combined between the playoffs and regular season. IMO, he will also get the chance to show he's got more to give this fall, given that Raymond will likely start the season on the IR.

And the notion that AV "only gave Raymond and Hansen" a chance to play is silly. Burrows was forced to pay his dues and was then given plum minutes by AV, to which he responded in spades. Kesler started as a third-fourth line player under AV, and gradually worked his way up to star status. Edler started as a bottom line and and so on. Plenty of the core members of this team rose to prominence under AV's watch, and I can't believe he is getting so many questions over his handling of a marginal offensive prospect.

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