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09-16-2005, 12:52 AM
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Has anyone else' career ended like this?

So heres my long story in extremely short:

I started when I was 7, Couldnt skate, didnt know whether to sh** or wind my watch, etc. I worked and worked at it, and finally by peewee was an average player. I kept working and made Rep in Bantam. After a setback in my first two years at midget, I finally made AAA in my third year. I started out the season as maybe the 5th D-man. By the end of the season I had worked my way into a top 2 spot, playing every second shift in playoffs and provincials. However, after the season ended, I had no letters of invitation anywhere(this was last march)

In the Spring, I went to two Jr A. camps. In both i was invited to the affiliate junior B clubs but not surprisingly, not the jr A team itself. I chose the first who had a beautiful new rink and a great coach whom i liked, and he said i had a great chance.

I went there, and had a great camp as far my inconsistant standards go. I was last cut however. In my interview however, he pointed me in the direction of another team whos coach had scouted me out in provincials. So i trekked up there(I dont want to mention the names of the teams right now unless you really want to know I'll PM them). The coach said i was likely to make it as a 5th d-man and i'm thinking "all right". I sign up for school, see the rink, and fall in love with it all. This team has great fans, great everything. However, after 4 exhibition games I am last cut again, pushed out by returning jr A players. This crushes me.

However, I have one last remaining option: the team that was the worst in the league the previous year, whom i had scoffed at until then. There was one huge bright spot however: the coach guarunteed that he would sign and keep me throughout the season. So i go down there and sign the next day. I transfer into the school, find a billet, and off I go. I quickly get to like this team, the players, the town and the school. I seem to be finally set for the year.

This is where it all comes crashing down. The billets I live with are rich, with a huge house, and four young girls. They also carry 4 billets at a time. On my fourth day there, I'm chilling with the family and another one of the billet guys. One of the four young girls is getting incredibly annoying for 15-20 minutes straight. After 5 hours of sleep (if lucky) the night before, and a stressful call home, I finally cant take it. I tell her to "please stop doing that"(some reason she kept pointing and laughing at me).

That, and that alone ended my career. I'm at school the next day when the coach shows up, and takes me out to the hallway and informs me that the billets have complained(turns out all they said was I wasnt a good fit in that stressful house). He says he will have to find me a new billet or send me home on the bus. I plead with him for the first option, and he says he will do that for me, but first will phone my parents. he leaves and says he will phone me later.

20 minutes later he phones me all cheerful, telling me he couldnt call my parents where could I reach them? and Oh yeah he phoned the executive and theyve decided they cant deal with me, so theyre sending me home that night.

I begged with him and pleaded with him to talk them into letting me back on. I asked him for their phone number, I'm basically on my knees over the phone. He seems dissinterested, but says he will try and will phone me back 20 mins later. So i sit there, hoping, praying. He phones back later and again asks me where he could find my dad. He also says they are sticking with their decision. I am done.

They sent me home that night on the bus(watching stuart little on the Tvs really cheered me up . I called my billet to apologize for what id "done". She says she is shocked and didnt ask for that, she just said I might be a better fit somewhere else. However, She wont help me. The coach seems dissinterested despite the fact he told me i was doing great on the ice. When i talk to my parents when they pick me up at the bus stop that night, i hear them say I'm labelled as an anger management case. Like are they for real?

So thats it. My career is over. A possible 3 years of junior, nothing. I realize people have gone through much worse in their life, and this probably wont be the low point. I wasnt to be a great hockey player either. I just wanted to play, get better and experience the life for a while. ANyone with any thuoghts? I think a career ending injury would be bad, but its a natural thing, its not like somebody pulling out the carpet from under you(unless its a matt Johnson on Beaukaboom or bertuzzi thing)

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