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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
As you know, I don't entirely agree. CLEARLY, he has to blame himself...he wasn't an angel. But I'd also say that he was a kid being a kid. People are just seeing some kids talk and believe they should all act that way. When you hear a Subban or a Beaulieu talk, you know that you have some exceptional kids in front of you (though, you read some of Nathan's tweets and you see that he's still a kid....). But they are not the norm. There are 18 year olds behaving like 18 year old.....Which mean, you need some people who are just at ease to work with those "troubled" kids than the rest of them. Some are able to. Some aren't. And it's not because you might have been able to do it 10 years ago, that you are still able to do it now. I'm pretty sure I would have been a more patient father if I would have had them at 30 than at 40.

So Sergei falls in the category of immature ones. Yet, we don't know EVERYTHING. Positive or negative. It's possible he was worst than we thought he was....but it's also possible he was not THAT bad. I mean, at one point you hear reports about how he is totally disruptive, that he never listens, that he's just not interested of improving and then...he goes to Hamilton. And then, you hear and read about how he was watching some videos with Guy Boucher, meetings that HE, SERGEI, asked to have. So he suddenly matured when he was sent in Hamilton?

Some players needs to be talked to. Okay, some here will say it's not kindergarden....well I'm sorry, but grown ups who work from 9 to 5 for a living, ALSO needs to be sure everything is in order, that he's doing a good job and that some reviews 2 or 3 times a year exist so that everything goes according to plan....Yet, you read and hear about how Martin doesn't talk that much to his players. Will work with some, won't with others. Others will say, well you do need to be traded once to then turn it around....Maybe....but I fail to see how a guy so incredibley immature and disruptive can change just with a trade. Wasn't he suppose to not care and just go in the KHL if no NHL team wanted him? If that guy was THAT bad, isn't it possible that being traded, for him, would just mean that Martin was wrong all along and that he was not going to change for anybody not even his new coach?

Nope. Jacques Martin DOES NOT do it on purpose. He does not sit on his chair and ask himself...."Which guy can I ****ed his development".....Obviously not. But he's not perfect. He has his persona. And if his persona is my way or the highway and that he prefers to go with guys who has an incredible work ethic and then try to improve instead of having the time to take a guy who's just not up to par and he doesn't have the time to babysit him....well, we will miss on some talents that takes longer time to improve mentally and physically.

It's all about confidence. Martin has confidence in some players....and unfortunately, there are other players that are just waiting for some confidence to get it going....and they don't get it. Strangely, most of the guys that left ended up playing a different role with their new team then they were with the Habs....and succeeded more there because of it.....Coincidence? Can it also be a problem of acknowledging what you have and play with the players' strengths? Why turn Latendresse in a hitting machine when they only bodycheck he gave in Juniors was with the the dressing room?
You've touched on 3 things:

1- The maturity of players

I agree with you regarding the immaturity of Sergei, as he has shown multiple time, taking his frustration and making it "bigger" then the team itself. He was putting himself before the team and that probably made people lose respect for him. That is definitely a sign of age, he's still raw and very self centered, and I question the involvement of AK and Markov and any other people close to him in terms of "setting him straight". I also agree that not everyone can be like Subban and Beaulieu, not everyone has a personality that shines, through traditional media and social media (we don't get to see these players in their everyday lives, so all we can judge upon is what is available in the medias). Which brings me to my second point...

2- The media

As you've touched on it, we've been reported MANY things regarding Sergei. At a certain point in the season, he was riding a rollercoaster between the AHL and NHL an threatening to jump to the KHL. No matter how bad it sounds in writing, it doesn't come close to the persecution of him in the media. They (I won't name names, because it was pretty much all the public media figureheads that jumped on him) didn't miss a chance to bring up his Russian (even though he is from Belarus) background as some sort of indicator that his behaviour was to be expected and that he was simply another spoiled brat from Russia threatening his management. Rather than trying to report a story, they made it sensational and an example of past stereotypes. The worst part is that most fans won't agree with me in assessing the criticism for the media because they believe what the "journalists" say. I'm not telling people that Sergei was an angel, just that he was unfairly characterized into a villain and took away any redeeming factors he might have had. He wasn't the first player to go through these sort of rough patches, but he was definitely made into a "persona non grata" in Montreal. The players might not have wanted him back, but players don't hold grudges and would have eventually accepted him as he grows into being a team player.

3- Jacques Martin

Jacques Martin was definitely not the best person for Kostitsyn, and in that regards, I am happy for him, that he has the chance of playing for a coach that has confidence in him. We all know Martin has strict expectations of his players, and if you fail your assignments you will be in the doghouse (see Pouliot, Latendresse). This only applies to fringe players and rookies, Gomez gets a free pass. I won't blame Martin for Kostitsyn, because as a head coach I would be pissed off too if my young players showed that kind of rude behaviour towards the team in general, and so we come back to;

Who do we blame for the Kostitsyn fiasco?

1/3 Kostitsyn?
1/3 Media?
1/3 Habs Organization?

I can't say.

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