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Tried on Bauer Supreme, Vapor and Reebok UPDATE Post #13

Looking to make a switch, as my Graf 705's don't seem to be working out.

I tried on One70's, Vapor X4.0, and Reebok 7K, so I'll give a quick comparison of fit.

One70's: Seemed to fit in a \ / shape. Tight around the ankle and the heel, tight in the arch and edge of the foot. The boot was roomy in the toe area, but still conformed to the outside edges of the foot. Felt solid and supportive, and held my heel in the best.

Vapor 4.0's: Fit in more of a / \ shape, pretty much the opposite of the One70. Snugger around the toe and down the side of the foot. Less solid in the arch and heel area, the heel was much roomier, and didn't feel as solid or "locked in". Ankle didn't seem as supportive either.

7k's: More of a linear fit down the sides of the foot. Very roomy in the heel area, didn't feel locked in at all, pump or not. The lacing seemed to come very high up the lower shin, it felt odd. Biggest complaint was the release valve of the pump system. It seemed to be digging into my ankle bone, was very uncomfortable. The lace locking system felt odd too, and I didn't like it at all.

More than likely, I'll be going with the Supremes.

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