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Originally Posted by thenextone View Post
It's not that AV hates skilled players. It's that he doesn't know how to develop guys like Shirokov, Grabner and others who are not relentlessly good at being checking forwards.

AV needs to be spoonfed his top 6 and really hasn't much clue on how to manage those guys. Case in point how long it took for him to put Burr with Kes in the Chicago series, and curiously never put them back to together despite the Sedins getting mauled throughout the Boston series.

When it comes to the bottom 6, AV goes to town. He has a definite idea of what he wants down there and has very specific requirements of his players. Guys like Glass, Volpatti, Bolduc, Oreo all do what AV likes, which is grind. Guys like Hansen, Hodgson, Tambi, Shirokov, Grabner etc do not (or did not) have that aspect of their games down and as a result have no place in AV's bottom 6. Hansen improved and is now out of the doghouse. Kesler and Burrows were great at their roles and moved up the lineup as their skills shone through.

For those saying he won't bench the Sedins. Can you imagine the Sedins if they were rookies today with AV as their coach? They would be on waivers in no time.
pretty much. it's not a new thing, it's just the way AV coaches.

i can clearly recall a time before Raymond was a '2nd liner' that there was clear chemistry between Raymond+Kesler offensively that AV refused to take advantage of for months. you can say whatever you want about the two of them together now, as Kesler seems to have outgrown the idea of 'linemates', but there was a long stretch where the two players were a very good fit together, and there was a stretch for a good while before that where fans were clamouring for the two to be on a regular line together 5v5.

AV does some very positive things, and brings a lot of disciplined defensive play to the team. But there are still plenty of things where AV flounders and isn't at all effective as a coach.

And when you look at the Canucks being the highest scoring team last season...does that not strike you as an incredibly 'top-heavy' team? the type that everyone has forever claimed is not cut out for winning the cup? you simply cannot win the cup if your 3rd and 4th lines are not contributing very significantly.

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