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07-10-2011, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by ProspectProphet View Post
So I don't have a point at all because this is Panther's forum? I can't know anything about hockey because of my avatar?? I can't know anything of my favourite team's depth because of what webpage I'm on. - I actually realized it was a Panthers forum a little late.... but really. If they are going to talk about Van's depth (before I said anything), I'll defend them-Panthers forum or not. The difference is that I can keep it in perspective and look into their lineup - unlike they were willing to do...

I do apologize if my saying "Weaver is not a legit top 4" hurt any feelings. I like the guy, and I admit he plays solid in his own end, I just disagree with the top4 label and the top3 defensive defenseman part. There is nothing biased about that, unless all opinions are biased, including your own and every else's.

and feel free too hold a light to Vancouver. I invite it. Then we'll actually look into my words as opposed to just blindly reacting to them.

and for the record, I like the Panthers, I just think they are waiting on some of their prospects (howden huberdeau gudbranson bugstad etc - good do a rant here) before they make a real push. Even if they do make the playoffs, they will be big underdogs.

But....what do I know.
1. No one ever said the Panthers depth was clearly better than Vancouver's. Again, learn how to read.

2. Weaver being a top-3 defensive defenseman last year is supported by statistics, so I don't see how that's biased. It's not necessarily biased if it can be supported by facts. You, on the other hand, are making statements about a guy you probably watched...what? Once last year when he played Vancouver? Weaver and Garrison played the opponents top lines every night here. I don't think it's a coincidence that St. Louis PK was among the best in the league when Weaver was there, and then our PK showed great improvement last year in his first year here. He plays a big part. He's not recognized because he has no offensive upside, period.

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