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07-10-2011, 05:47 AM
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Well if there was friction b/w AV and Ballard that makes two coaches in a row that Ballard had trouble with. Apparently him and DeBoer had all out shouting wars when Ballard was in Florida. DeBoer wanted him off the team and that's one reason for the trade.

Maybe they were asking Ballard to play better off the puck and play better one on one around the net. I got the feeling that Ballard just tossed in the towel sometime after Xmas.

This is one reason I'm so surprised that Ballard wasn't moved and Ehrhoff kept. But I'm not wanting to get back into that.

Far as AV goes it wasn't the coaching that stopped the team from winning it was the injuries - especially to Hamhuis.

AV can put his foot in his mouth but I don't question his use of players much. Ballard played like crap and did not deserve any more time than he got. Hodgson's problems are in his game and and nothing to do with AV - and I hope Hodgson is not looking for excuses.

Grabner - Ballard trade looks poor at this point. But any final decision there lays with Gillis and not AV.

In the end, I'm not sure how much coaching really has to do with it. Ultimately good players make good coaches and bad players make bad coaches. I know some of the best coaching I have done is with losing teams and some of the worst has been with winning teams.

At the NHL level all the coaches are good. It is just who has the horses.

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