Thread: Player Discussion: Matt Read (thread started in 2011)
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07-10-2011, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
I love the Panaccio bashing as much as anyone, but I think he makes a somewhat decent point here...

Timmy P isn't trying to say that Read is another JVR, he isn't trying to say the kid is going to be an NHL superstar, he's simply saying, given JVR's production in college and Read's production in college, why couldn't Read come in here and produce 40 points for this team via a 3rd line role like JVR did in his 1st year?

Obviously JVR had and continues to have a way higher ceiling than Read, but in his 1st year, JVR was nowhere near that ceiling... he was untapped potential. Considering Read is older, has more experience and scored over a PPG for the Phantoms last year, I think it's not a stretch to think he could snag us 35-40 points... the difference between him and JVR however, is that Read will stay @ around that level of production while JVR (hopefully) ascends to superstar status.

Timmy P wasn't trying to say that Read @ 25 will be anything remotely close to JVR @ 25, he was simply trying to say that a 20 y/o JVR could be comparable statistically speaking to a 25 y/o Matt Read. And I think that's valid.

Also, to those saying Read is overhyped, who exactly is overhyping him so much? I think most people have been suggesting that perhaps he could win a 3rd line role and will be a guy whose absolute max is an average 2nd liner... what's so overhyped about that?

His logic is quite flawed. Production in college in any sport does not translate into professional sports. The one thing that does translate from College to Pro sports is skills, and athleticism, not stats.

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