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10-20-2003, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say!
New angle to the Comrie trade thing, are there any ex-Oilers that you think could be coming back this way in "the deal"? Not necessarily as the main man, even a guy like say Richardson or McGillis as a part two, so to speak.

Are there any you'd like to see back here?

Satan and Niinimaa are the only two I can think of right now that I'd have any real interest in as major returns in the deal, but there are a lot more guys kickin' around who could be minor players in the deal.

I wouldn't mind McGillis back, but he makes too much I think.

Ray Whitney would be alright - but if we were shelling out the three million, I'd rather give it to a bigger player who has faceoff skills and can be counted on for 50 pts, as opposed to a guy like Whitney, who can score 60-70 pts most years, but can't physically dominate.'s a thought...

To Det:
5th Rd Pick

To Edmonton
Tomek Valtonen, who started off hot with SM-Liiga and plays a big mans game. He could also come in and play next year, as he is 23 right now.

Thoughts? I know we could have signed Whitney as a UFA, but the money wasn't committed either way over the summer, and Lowe had to make sure he had some bucks for MC in case a deal did get done. Shipping out a big chunk of the "local connection", but overall, and for the long term, I like the deal for both sides.

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