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Originally Posted by BeastoftheEast85 View Post
You obviously don't know anything about goal-tending then.
Ha! Did my opinion differ from yours?

Originally Posted by BeastoftheEast85 View Post
If someone came along with a unique-hybrid style like Marty, understood how to play it, and had the talent, they would be a remarkable goaltender in the NHL.

The problem would be is that it is very unlikely that someone will have the skill-set needed. Looking at it from another way, over the next 100 years their will be hundreds of Roy imitators in the NHL, but few if any Hasek or Brodeur imitators.
Well, in what way does Fleury and Brodeur play a similar style? Fleury is a pretty modern goalie with a lot of rubber man athleticism added to that. Brodeur has a pretty unique way to every shot, he reacts to every situation in his own way.

And I agree that there won't be any Hasek or Brodeur copies because of the amount of super special talents you need to have to play like they do.

Edit: I saw now that you're a Devils fan. That explains a few things.

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