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07-10-2011, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by squidz View Post
In many instances, the Goldwater Institute has been making threats when they could take action. If they were truly in the right, and they simply wanted the law to be obeyed, they would take action instead of just causing FUD. From what I've seen, their behavior has been intended to prevent any deal from occurring, regardless of the legality of the deal. Most importantly, in regards to the conflict of interest, the parties who could clearly gain from the departure of the Coyotes should have recused themselves, rather than becoming even more deeply involved.
Threats are much cheaper than lawsuits, and honestly they shouldn't deter someone unless that person already realizes they'd lose in court.

The conflict of interest thing: I agree that there's a vested interest there, but as a private entity they have absolutely no obligation to recuse themselves. You can say they're being misleading about their motives, and I'll back you on that. But that's not illegal, nor does it affect the validity of their case; there would be no civil trials if you couldn't bring a case just because you stood to gain.

Anyway, back on topic: welcome aboard, Puckschmuck! Were you one of the many who made the trip down for the draft?

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