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Originally Posted by Hacker10 View Post
They didn't have Eastons at the Pro Hockey Life I tried the skates on at, and I'm not crazy about Easton skates to begin with(sticks, however...). I play with guys that have bought Eastons and after 5 games it looks like their skates have been used for 5 years(exaggeration, but I think you get my drift).

When I go to trade my Grafs in, I'll see if they have the new EQ40's, but I'll probably stick with Bauer.
The Stealths seem to have fewer durability issues than some previous Easton skates, and the new EQ line fewer problems than the Stealths (though they haven't been out that long yet, so it's tough to say), but yeah, Eastons have had some durability issues in the past. If Supremes fit you the best, go with them. Sounds like you like everything except the toe box, Bauer toe boxes (Supremes and Valpors) are definitely tall/roomy, you can always do what I did, which is basically to make a little pad, sew some velcro onto it, stick the other side of the velcro to the inside of the toe box, then velcro the pad in place to get that snug feeling on the top of your toes. I'll post pictures when I get a minute, it was easy to do, just had to buy some microfiber cloth and velcro from the hardware store, cut out the proper size pieces, then get it all sewn together by my local drycleaning/alterations place.

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