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07-10-2011, 01:13 PM
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This is a generalization, but I usually look at buying products this way.

Your best value is usually going to be middle of the road with anything. $250-$400 price point for skates, but that's ballpark. Support, protection, lighter weight, and they'll last. Price leader(cheapest) is often times junk. Top end often has a few bells and whistles added, but is prestige priced so your value isn't there.

Also take into consideration what your skill level is. I always find it funny when a guy that can't skate and is 80lbs overweight has $700 skates and a $220 stick. He wouldn't be any worse with a $200 pair of skates and a $20 wood stick.

Like was said above, fit is everything. A bad fitting skate will hurt your game and your feet.

I'm an intermediate B/C level men's league player, but ended up in a $600 pair of GRAF G35x just because I have an odd foot(thin, pronounced heel, big arches, large instep depth). Being comfortable and not breaking your feet= priceless.

If the skates aren't causing you discomfort, your ankles aren't folding inward, and shots aren't hurting your feet that shouldn't(any hard slap shot is gonna hurt), then IMO you really don't need new skates. A better skate is really just going to fix one of those issues. Lightness will help a smidge, but a novice player really isn't good enough to benefit.

Glad to hear you are playing and having fun

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