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07-10-2011, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
When your teammates want you off the team at playoff time, that tells me this isn't just Jm trying to send a message to the team.
Also possible that this "Get him off the team" scenario was also quite overblown. Strikes me everytime that we don't believe what those stupid journalists are saying unless....we agree with them.

I remember at one point when the worst days in Habs history happen, NOBODY condemn SKost and everybody were on the journalists back....Then when he was traded, he was the most awful human being on the planet. Too many people going with the wind....

Originally Posted by TheBuriedHab View Post
Yea, they clearly weren't fond of him. With Price calling him out and all the other stuff. I remember when he was put in the Philly series I saw the weirdest thing happen a couple times to Sergie. When he was coming off on a line change nobody opened the door for him. He had to reach over and open it himself. It was really weird to see.

We all knew sergie had the skills, unfortunately for whatever reason the players and coaches on the big club couldn't embrace him. Oh well, im happy with our top 9 now and im happy to see Sergei turn it around.
Price in his young career was also called out. Subban was clearly called out. Price was known as having a terrible work ethic and thinking he was all that. Fortunately, we believed in their potential and don't think they should be traded because of it. They jsut didn't believe enough in SKost. If they would, possible they would have worked with him the way they're doing with Price and Subban. This org. is not the greatest at working with the kids that need some guidance, but they did ended up doing it for Carey and PK....but seems that unless you're an exceptional, you are not worth it.

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