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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Also take into consideration what your skill level is. I always find it funny when a guy that can't skate and is 80lbs overweight has $700 skates and a $220 stick. He wouldn't be any worse with a $200 pair of skates and a $20 wood stick.
Agreed. Also it always seems to be that the ones with the "best" (=most expensive) equipment are usually the worst players.

As many guys here, I'd recommend some of the mid-level skates; sometimes they can fit you better than the most expensive ones, which are designed for the pros. If the Eastons still feel good and are in condition, there's no reason why you couldn't keep going with them.

If you're going to buy new skates, I prefer Bauer's (if they fit). They usually make the best skates (not only my opinion...). I've had NikeBauer Vapor XXXX's for around 3 years now, and they still work perfectly, although I've had to change the blades twice.

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